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The Frontier Network allows you to chat with friends, discover the latest news and articles from creators around the world, and find new indie brands.

We designed The Frontier Network to be an alternative social network that focuses on people over brands.

There's too much noise and clutter on other social networks, so we're changing that. By focusing on the discovery of new indie brands, it will help you discover new shops and content that you love. A little bit of news, a little bit of culture, and a whole lot of fun—Buckle up, here we go.

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Chat with other like-minded individuals from around the world, exploring what sparks their curiosity. Make a friend.

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Connect with people who share your interests. Form a group on the topics that interest you and post your own articles.

Behind The Brand

Discover the Indie Brands You Haven't Heard Of, We'll get you the latest scope on what's going on behind the scenes.

Shop Indie

Each brand has their own look but they also focus on individuality and personality in all of their designs and styles.

Create your own Community

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Make social interaction personal again

News coverage is getting worse, but the means to respond has never been easier. Frontier enables readers and citizen journalists to build their own communities to make real and lasting change.

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Frontier is a discovery-based shopping platform offering the best products from thousands of small and medium sized companies through social and traditional media.

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Frontier is a social network for messaging people and discovering news and articles from creators around the world. Launching this spring.

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